A new short story collection

   In this new short story collection from All Nations Press, Linda Heuring brings together a motley crew of characters.  Ebenezer has a plane to catch and winds up at a Caribbean resort for the generously-figured.  Marva is trapped by a pie safe at the bottom of her basement stairs.  Mister Fisher hopes to cash in on his momma’s dog’s pedigree.  Henry’s wife goes missing, and Derwin gets blown up by bug foggers.  These are just a few of the characters in this 15-story collection who are at home near rivers and bayous that hold secrets or become escape routes into and out of relationships.  The characters in these stories worm their way into your psyche. And there they’ll stay.

     A Woman Walked into the Bar is available in print from All Nations Press and Amazon,  and an e-book edition is available from Apple Books and Amazon.  




Heuring’s book is filled with fascinating characters and a writing style much like many of its characters — strong and resolute, not flashy, but quietly excellent…

                –American Book Review

Praise for A Woman Walked into the Bar

A good story is like a surprising vacation — an energizing escape, preferably with a touch of decadence.  “Whatever Will Do” offers this both to its characters and to this delighted reader. — Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, and author of We Are Pirates

About “Roommates” — tightly written, fine characterization, unformulaic, littered with clues the narrator is too amiably dense to notice, funny and sad for several reasons all at once….Its ending is a bullseye.  A class, satisfying, memorable piece of work. — David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas, The Bone Clocks, Slade House 

Character creation, vivid scene-setting, humour and authentic dialogue are some of the strengths of this excellent short story collection. — The Irish Times

This collection of stories is the work of a writer who has mastered the craft.  It is a beautiful collection and one I couldn’t put down.  — Clem Cairns, Fish Publishing

Showcasing a genuine flair for narrative driven storytelling and the creation of truly memorable characters, author Linda Heuring’s stories are original, unfailingly engaging, thoroughly entertaining, and inherently compelling. — Midwest Review

In this amazing debut collection, Heuring deepens our understanding of the shapes of grief, passion, and sacrifice, effortlessly revealing how we connect, how we depend on one another, how our lives are intertwined beyond the cultures that have defined us. — Nancy Takacs, winner of the Juniper Prize for The Worrier 

In this collection of beautifully crafted stories, readers will not only understand the characters of A Woman Walked into the Bar, but care about them like neighbors of their own. — Alison Ruth, author of Near-Mint Cinderella and Starlight Black and the Misfortune Society