“A Woman Walked into the Bar:  The Fiction of Linda Heuring” was the title of Troy University’s 53rd English Department Forum on Language and Literature.   

 Heuring talks with Jim Davis and William Thompson after the Troy University English Department Forum on Language and Literature in October 2018.
Contest judge, Alan Michael Parker, had this to say about Heuring’s story “Red Light, Green Light,” winner of the Rash Award in Fiction:
 “A tale of twins, and a relationship built upon assumption and myopia, this beautifully written story manages to be about people in extremis — the flooded Mississippi, a flotilla of rescuers, a church turned into a post office, a plague of frogs, and a wedding — all without losing sight of the characters.  That’s an enormous accomplishment:  despite so much misfortune, and the distractions of so much atmosphere, the writer nonetheless keeps us caring about who the characters are, rather than what’s happening to them.  In sizzling sentences punctuated with a bravura sense of dialogue, ‘Red Light, Green Light’ reads like an Alice Munro cast of characters floating through a Cormac McCarthy setting.”